Sightseeing, snorkeling and kayaking at Bird Island

While you vacation in Puerto Penasco Mexico make sure to include a trip with us to Isla San Jorge also known as Bird Island. In the warm weather months snorkel or just swim with the Sea Lions, enjoying an up close experience with some of the wonderful sea life the Sea of Cortez has to offer. In the colder months, grab your sweatshirt and come out with us to watch the whales or dolphins aboard our comfortable 30 foot Cobalt. Unlike the slower, party tour boats, Cobalt offers a smaller more personal experience and with us the trip out to Bird Island takes only about an hour.

Trip Includes:
– Lunch (Burritos)
– Soft drinks, bottled water, beer, margaritas
– Restroom available on our boat

PLEASE NOTE: Bird Island trips have a 6 person minimum. Departure @ 8:30 a.m. – duration 5-6 hrs.

Isla san Jorge, also called Bird Island, is actually a group of rock islands
26 miles from Puerto Penasco. Consisting of three main islands and four smaller islands, Isla San Jorge is arid and rocky with no known native plants. It sounds inhospitable, but fish eating bats blue footed boobies, magnificent tropic birds, and California sea lions thrive on the islands. The reefs and waters around San Jorge support a diversity of life. Marine invertebrates of commercial importance, like sea cucumbers, scallops, mussels, oysters, snails and octopi as well as a variety of fish live in the waters surrounding the islands. The islands are fantastic bio-preserve loaded with over 1,000 sea lions and thousands of birds.

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They can be reached by chartering a boat or buying a ticket on one of the occasional tour boats offer by ROCKY POINT FISHING CLUB. Several charter boats sail out of Puerto Penasco. To get there. From a distance the islands look like volcanoes topped with snow but as you get closer you will see that they are cover with white guano (bird droppings).

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As a nationally protected bio-preserve, it is illegal to set foot on the islands. Everything of interest is in the air or in the water, or easily visible from a close-in anchorage. Be sure to take your snorkel or scuba equipment because the sights here are outstanding. You will be able to see many invertebrates as well as a large variety of fish darting in and out of the seaweed, plants and rocks, although the water tends to be cloudy close to shore.
You`ll be surprised how much life this official sanctuary supports. Many different species of birds give the preserve its nickname (bird island) but is also home to sea lions, dolphins fish eating bats and beautiful tropical birds. The reefs and water around the three main islands and four smaller ones are teeming with life both under and above the water.

On your way to Bird Island, get your camera ready because there is a good chance that you will be traveling with a pod or two of local bottle nose dolphins that live in this part of the Sea of Cortez. They are curious by nature and will swim alongside the bow of the boat, apparently riding the pressure wave like a body surfer, and occasionally jump out of the water.

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In the winter months, you may also have a fabulous experience: Whales! Fin whales, Grey whales, Hump back whales and occasionally Pilot whales migrate to the northern part of the Sea of Cortez in search of warmer waters. They can be seen as early as October and as late as April. The majestic Fin whales can grow up to 100 feet long and are quite a sight to see in the wild.

If you venture to the island from late may through July you could possible see a sea lion give birth! The bull sea lions are very territorial during this time and will warn you by barking very loudly if you are getting to close. Swimming near the shore and kayaking too close might not be a good idea, but what a wonderful experience if you get to see a live birth!
Towards the end of summer and beginning of fall the new “ pups “ are swimming and the bulls are less concerned about visitors. The new pups and the yearlings are very curious and playful. They will swim right up to you. If you are scuba diving or snorkeling to get a good look at you. This a wonderful trip for the whole family, and should definitely be put on the “must do” list next time you are visiting Rocky Point!